Beijing Tech and Entrepreneur Events Apr. 2 - Apr. 15

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April, Monday


The 7th Global Game Conference

Organizer: GMGC

Time: 4.2 9:00 - 4.3 18:30

Place: National Conference Center, Chaoyang District / (北京朝阳)国家会议中心 

Price: 0--5000 RMB

Language: Chinese & English

As the fastest growing and largest game event in China, the GMGC Beijing is the international platform for sharing industry trends and ideas in the ever-evolving game industry. Hosted annually, Next year the GMGC Conference is held on April 2nd-3rd, 2018, at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, and will draw more than 200 speakers and 16,000 industry professionals from over 40 countries.
In the past 6 years, the GMGC – Beijing hosted some of the biggest names in the game industry, including top minds from Baidu, EA, Tencent, Samsung, Xiaomi, Gameloft, Google, Paypal, and App Annie. This year we're back to engage more top industry players and meet new game-changers in our keynote speaker series, panel discussions, and insightful forums.


April, Tuesday


World Blockchain Conference

Organizer: World Blockchain Confederation

Time: 9:00 - 18:00

Place: National Conference Center, Chaoyang District /(北京朝阳)国家会议中心

Price: Free


Weixing Chen, Founder of Fancheng Capital & Kuaidi 

OMER OZDEN, Venture Partner / Lawyer in ZhenFund

Chase Freo, CEO & Founder, Alto 

Language: English & Chinese

Summit held over the same period of GMGC the seventh conference on global game, and connecting with the games, movies, anime, and other areas of the digital entertainment and chain technology application and innovation, to explore the block chain and business opportunities of the trend of future development. This is by far the largest and most influential industry event held in China and the Asia-Pacific region.


March, Wednesday


Founders-Lunch with YC

Organizer: Y Combinator & Innoway

Time: 8:30 - 13:30

Place: Innoway InnoPlanet B1, 1st Floor, No.6 Building, Zhong Guan Cun Entrepreneurial Avenue, Haidian District / 北京海淀区中关村创业大街6号楼1楼,InnoPlanet全球创新社区B1

Price: Free-Excluding Lunch 

           30 RMB-Including Lunch


Eric Migicovsky, Partner at YC

Language: English

Are you a Chinese Founder or Co-founder of a Startup? Is your Startup in the stage between Angle and Series A? Are you curious about expansion potential to foreign markets and how YC can help you? Come to join us and discuss more with Eric!


March, Saturday


2018 Spring Beijing Blockchain Market Sharing Conference

Organizer: Blockchain Joint Development Organization

Time: 13:00 - 18:30

Place: Multi-function Room, VIP Building, You Yi Hotel, No.1 Zhong Guan Cun Nan Avenue, Haidian District / 北京海淀区中关村南大街1号友谊宾馆贵宾楼多功能厅

Price: 0--1999 RMB


Zhuang Chu, CITIC Trust CIO

Binsheng WangPhD in economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Kevin, Biyong SG Founder

Language: Chinese

Blockchain, as a technology leader integrating into the advanced concepts of many fields, is still upgrading. In order to create more social value with the aid of blockchain, promote industry development and upgrade, organize users to create data, embrace supervision, and explore the win-win way of users, communities, industries and society, in the spring of 2018, the depth sharing of the Beijing blockchain market will provide opportunities for deep exchange and sharing.


March, Sunday

区块链创业峰会 暨《核财经》正式上线发布会

Blockchain Entreprenuership Summit & Hecaijing Launch Event

Organizer: Hecaijing

Time: 14:00 - 20:00

Place: 3rd Floor, Beijing Hall, Marco Polo Parkside Beijing, Chaoyang District /(北京朝阳)北京中奥马哥孛罗大酒店三层北京厅 

Price: 388 RMB


Ping Xie, Professor in Tinghua PBCSF

Dong Yang, Law professor in Renmin University

Kezhong Wu, Co-founder in PreIPO

Mingxing Xu, Founder o OKcoin

Language: Chinese

Hecaijing invited experts, famous ventures and media involved in this blockchain entrepreneurship summit to share monitors, management, venture and media role adaptation experience, and explore the possibility to rebuild China financial and business ecology. 


Apri, Tuesday


JingData Industry Value Summit

Organizer: JingData

Time: 12:00 - 18:00

Place: W Hotel in Chang'an Street, Chaoyang District /(北京朝阳)长安街W酒店 

Price: Free


Wei Liu, Venture CEO in Baidu

Jingming Xu, Co-founder of iFLYTECH

Xiangfei Chai, Founder & CEO in HuiyiHuiying

Fuxing Wang, Director in CreditEase

Language: Chinese

Capital, resource, promotion, AI industry seems to own all these, but in fact, AI still faces difficulties. JingData cooperates with Baidu venture, 36Kr, and First financial to help AI program PR. And, there will have a LP/GP meeting.


AI Conference in Beijing

Organizer: O'Reilly & Intel Nervana

Time: 4.10 8:00 - 4.13 18:00

Place: Beijing International Hotel Conference Center / 北京国际饭店会议中心 东城区建国门内大街9号 

Price: 2900--5700 RMB


Jike Chong, Tsinghua University | Acorns

Michael Li, The Data Incubator

Season Yang, The Data Incubator

 Wang Feng, Skymind

Language: Chinese & English

  AI has finally emerged from the circle of university labs as an important part of the software developer toolset. Compared with the research presented at the academic conference, the industry has a rapidly growing and urgent need for the application of AI information. 

  Thus, we organized this event to satisfy industry needs focused on AI with financial tech, in-depth learning by TensorFlow, getting up and running with TensorFlow, deep reinforcement learning tutorial and bring AI into the enterprise. 


April, Wednesday


2018 CDN Aisa Summit

Organizer: DVBCN & AsiaOTT

Time: 4.11 8:00 - 4.12 18:00

PlaceKempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center, No.50, Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District / 北京燕莎中心凯宾斯基饭店  朝阳区 亮马桥路50号 

Price: 888 RMB


Zhaoyuan Zhu, General Manager in Ali Cloud Video

Du Deng, CDN Vice-general Manager & Senior Constructor

Hao Li, Senior Constructor in OneThing

Kejie Wang, CTO in Fleshgetech

Language: Chinese 

  Internet business innovation booms, enterprise and traditional enterprise  increase needs of vertical solution and integrated cloud. Thus,  CDN is between the red and blue ocean constantly presenting new opportunities and challenges.

  How to establish the rational CDN industry ecology and realize the differentiated development between basic resources and cloud services will become an indispensable strategic transformation of CDN industry.

   This summit, we will talk arround CDN application in future video industry.


April, Thursday


International Intelligent Service Robot & Special Robot Summit

Organizer: SSR

Time: 4.12 8:30 - 4.13 18:00

Place: China Hall of Science and Technology /(北京海淀)中国科技会堂 

Price: 230--238 RMB


Futian Minnan, Foreign Academician of China Academy of Sciences & Professor in Beijing Institute of Technology

Xiaoping Chen, Director in RoboCup Commitment 

Dongqi Qian, Founder of Ecovacs

Yao Lin, The Father of Japanese Pepper Robot

Language: English& Chinese

This time, we invited more than 100 academicians, professors, robot experts and entreprenuers from domestic and foreign countries to share unicorn technology innovation and application experience, explore technology innovation trends in global service robot.  Also, TOP50 service robot star enterprise list will be released.


Tech Enterprise-- AI Application and Trend

Organizer: Innovation Entreprenuer Service Union

Time: 13:30 - 17:30

Place: 7th Floor, Building B, CFID Innovation Center, Fengtai District, Beijing /(北京丰台)北京丰台区华夏幸福创新中心B座7层 

Price: 0--9.9 RMB


Guiping He, Minister of China Urban Development Research Institute.

Junfeng Zhang, Director in SensorsData

Language: Chinese

Based on unbounded ecology and unlimited cooperation, this event is organized to break the single unilateral cooperation model of traditional ecology and achieve co-prosperity. This time, you will hear about research about Smart City and industry internet development, and how AI accelerate enterprise service intelligence process.


The Second China Communication Industry IoT Meeting

Organizer: InnoData

Time: 9:00 - 17:00

Place: Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing /(北京海淀)新世纪日航酒店 

Price: 600--2800 RMB

Language: Chinese

This is first forum focused on IoT industry development and application systematicly.  Experts and representatives from IoT industries will exhibit newest application and practice, presents the ecological picture of Internet of things and big data, AI, blockchain and other technologies, explore IoT cooperation and development trend, to lead IoT innovation.


Ebrun Commerce AI

Organizer: Ebrun

Time: 9:00 - 17:30

Place: Crowne Plaza, No.6, Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District / 北京丽都皇冠假日酒店 北京市朝阳区将台路6号 

Price: 299 RMB


Kun Jia, Editor in Ebrun

Hua Wang, Founder & Management Partner of Sinovation Ventures

Xiaopeng He, Founder & CEO in XPENG

Jun Zhang, Senior Vice-president in Meitu 

Language: Chinese

Ebrun organized this conference to drive intelligent technology, and subvert business operation ways, help real economy become more digital. There are several sub topics, including new technology summit, smart retail summit, and "Dulphin-club" customer docking. Ebrun is trying to link intelligent technology with Internet economy and real economy to help new tech application in business area.


Scene Fintech Decider Summit

Organizer: CFRI

Time: 4.12 8:00 - 4.13 18:00

PlaceBeijing Marriott Hotel Northeast 

/ (北京朝阳)海航万豪酒店 

Price: 880 RMB

Language: Chinese & English

This summit will deeply analyse of scene finance industry pain points, focusing on financial technology, consumer financial scene, supply chain financial scene and Internet auto finance four sectors.


April, Friday


2018 WOW! New Media Marketing Sharing Meeting

Organizer: Huxiu

Time: 8:00 - 18:00

PlaceRenaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel  

/ 北京金茂万丽酒店 北京王府井大街57号 

Price: 288--988 RMB


Minyi Zhang, Vice President in Tencent Social Ads

Meilan Jiang, Founder & CEO in Very

Jingping He, Innovation Director in The Palace Museum Taobao Store

Language: Chinese

In 2017, marketing is full of technology, expecially AI, and successful cases integrated with technology spring out. This time, Huxiu will interpret Martech trend and explore truth in a novel way through case review, interactive comments, opinions debate and roundtable discussion. Huxiu wants to provide marketing insight and new ideas. 


April, Saturday


Science and Technology Conference--Fully Interpret Mini App New Opportunities

Organizer: P & M

Time: 13:00 - 18:00

Place: Wanda Vista Beijing, Chaoyang Districet /(北京朝阳)北京万达文华酒店 

Price: 0--399 RMB


Fei Ruan, Founder of P & M

Language: Chinese

This time, we are going to discuss new policies about Mini App, profitable opportunities, and some traps in Mini App entreprenuership. Also, we will have time to communicate experience.

时速云企业级容器PaaS技术沙龙 第八期

TenxCloud PaaS Technology Salon

Organizer: TenxCloud

Time: 13:30 - 17:30

Place: 2nd Floor, Geek Cafe, No.27 Haidian Avenue, Haidian District / 北京海淀区海淀大街27号-天使汇极客咖啡2层

Price: Free


Lei Wang, TenxCloud Co-founder & CTO

Calvin Yu, QingCloud Container R&D Engineer

Wei Wei, Architect, Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Xiaozhou Xu, Ali Cloud Senior Development Engineer

Language: Chinese

With the maturity of container technology and the heat of Kubernetes technology, more and more enterprises are starting to use container technology to build container cloud platform. The use of container technology can significantly improve the efficiency of development and improve the quality of software. This sharing focuses on Ali Cloud's experience and thinking in building enterprise Kubernetes platform, and continuing to deliver precipitation.


April, Sunday

2018 京东人工智能创新峰会

2018 JD. AI Innovation Summit


Time: 13:30 - 18:00

Place: Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District /(北京朝阳)光华路 

Price: Free


Bowen Zhou, Vice President & Directer in AI Research Department

Xiaodong He, Executive vice President in AI Research School & Director in Deep Learning and Language and Sound Lab

Tao Mei, Vice President in AI Research School

Jing Huang, Director in AI Research School

Jin Guo, Priciple Scientist in AI Research Department

Language: Chinese

The summit gathered executives and technical experts, and invited the AI guest. It is  designed to bring the audience of AI in all areas into the latest information, the top science and technology, the cutting edge of ideas. Each participant will be at the summit to appreciate the magical charm of AI, the site will also have access to the higher-ups in the field of AI. In addition, Rosetta platform and the world's first task-oriented multi-wheel dialogue system will be launched.